Salicylic Acid is a beta hydoxy acid with exfoliating and antiseptic properties. Salicylic is more oil-soluble and can penetrate the pores of the skin. It can be irritating because it is an exfoliant as well. Glycolic is a better option for you if you do not have breakout-prone skin.
-For breakout-prone skin.
-Those allergic to Asprin may be allergic to salicylic ingredients.
-Gently unclogs pores and breaks up dead skin cells that lead to clogging.
Glycolic Acid is your GLOW product. It exfoliates damaged, dead skin that makes you look dull. Glycolic Acid is included in a lot of facials.
-Removes top layer of old skin cells- leaving you with a more glowy look
-Breaks up the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together
Retinol does not exfoliate your skin. People often mistake flaking with exfoliating/over-exfoliating the skin. Retinol works at a cellular level to repair damaged cells and stimulate collagen production. Great for antiaging, acne, fine lines. Helps normalize cells by generating new cells. In your 30’s your collagenase has begun to break down our collagen quicker than we can produce it. Collagen boosting treatments and products should be introduced to your regimen.
-When paired with an exfoliant, better results are seen.
-Works on a cellular level for cell damage and skin repair
-Flaking is not a bad sign
-A vitamin C and a retinol can be used during the day under an SPF to prevent future sun damage

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