From pumpkin spice lattes to candy apples, the fall season has plenty of not-so-healthy temptations everywhere! It’s okay to indulge every once in a while, so don’t beat yourself up over some autumn enjoyment.

As you continue planning your seasonal activities, don’t forget to take a few minutes to plan your fall health and fitness routine. The below tips are sure to keep you on track well into the holiday season!

Set Realistic Expectations

Looking to see results? Then be realistic! Accept that on some days you may get home hours later than anticipated or you find yourself overindulging at dinner. That doesn’t mean give up! Instead of committing to the perfect health and wellness routine seven days a week, strive for a few days. Forgo focusing on all the things you shouldn’t eat and start to focus on what you should eat more of. Don’t let little hiccups derail you from your goals!

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol not only lacks nutritional value, but it also reduces your inhibitions (hello snacking). It may be unrealistic to cut it out completely, but do your best to limit the amount you drink each week.

Increase Daily Activity

Consider what things you do throughout the day that can increase your regular activity. For example, get in more walking exercise by parking further from your office or the grocery store, choose the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. Small changes can have a significant, lasting impact!

Take Advantage of Cooler Weather

The crisp fall weather makes for comfortable outdoor workouts — well, certainly more comfortable than summer’s heat and humidity. Consider moving parts of your workout outdoors by taking a walk around your neighborhood or going for a bike ride.

Turn TV Time into Workout Time

Now that the sun is setting earlier and daylight savings is around the corner, it may be more appealing to cuddle up on the couch than head to the gym. So why not watch TV while working out at the same time? Commit to doing a 30-minute workout while watching your favorite show or use the commercial breaks for calorie blasting exercises (burpees, sit-ups, mountain climbers, squats, etc.).

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