What causes wrinkles and lines to form?

Wrinkles and lines form due to repetitive facial movements, skin laxity and the loss of collagen. Together these factors create the perfect environment for lines and folds to become more prominent. As we age, our bodies lose elastin and collagen, which keep our skin hydrated, firm and elastic. With repeated facial expressions over time, it becomes harder and harder for our skin to resort back to an “expressionless” state.

What are the most common wrinkles?

As a result of aging skin, crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines all eventually develop. Crow’s feet (also known as laugh lines) are the given name for the lines around the outer corner of your eye. They usually start to develop around the early 30s. Forehead lines can be both horizontal and vertical on the forehead. Frown lines (also known as the 11s), are the lines that form between the eyebrows on the forehead. They can make us look perpetually annoyed. With advancements in cosmetic technology, it is now easier than ever to address these fine lines and wrinkles.


How does Ananda Medical Aesthetics treat wrinkles & lines?

Bullet Botox, an injectable treatment for crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines

Bullet Dermal fillers, an injectable treatment for lines around the nose and mouth

Bullet HydraFacial, an exfoliating treatment for facial wrinkles

Bullet Chemical peels, which exfoliate, extract, and moisturize the skin

Bullet  Laser facial rejuvenation, a non-invasive laser treatment with no downtime

Bullet  Collagen Induction Therapy, a natural treatment that uses growth factors from your own blood

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