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Sun Spot Removal in Norton, MA

Treatment for Sun & Liver Spots in Massachusetts

Sun spots, also known as age or liver spots, are painless patchy discolorations of skin. Although these brown or black spots are not harmful to skin, they can be very irritating, and many people do not like the way they look on their skin.

At Ananda Medical Aesthetics and Laser Spa, we offer laser removal for sun spots in Massachusetts. If you are feeling self-conscious about aging spots, call us today at (508) 213-4005 to schedule a free consultation with our advanced aestheticians in Norton.

What Causes Sun Spots?

The main reasons for these spots to occur is prolonged sun exposure over throughout the years. These spots typically occur on skin that has been subjected to long periods of sun exposure, such as the arms, legs, shoulders, and face.

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How to Remove Sun Spots

Laser age removal treatment involves flashing a laser on the skin. The frequency of the flash or laser light is absorbed by the dark pigment spots of the skin. The surrounding light-colored skin, that is not pigmented, does not absorb as much of the flash, meaning it should not be impacted by the treatment. The absorption of all the light by dark pigmented sunspots area results in peeling of the spot after few days.

This is a relatively simple procedure that only takes about 30 minutes. It is noninvasive and you should not experience much discomfort; the sensation is similar to snapping a rubber band on the skin. A single session is enough to be effective in most cases, but some patients may require several sessions, depending on the level of damaged skin.

Laser Skin Renewal Aftercare

Ananda Aesthetics also provide post care instructions after the sun spot removal treatment. Following the detailed instructions provided by our professional Norton, MA laser skin treatment experts is essential for achieving the best result possible. Our evidence-based home care routines can help your skin stay healthy for years to come!

If you need laser skin treatment in Norton, call us today at (508) 213-4005.
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