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CryoCorrect Treatment in Norton, MA

Innovative Technology to Improve and Beautify Your Skin

At Ananda Medical Aesthetics & Laser Spa, we stay up to date on all of the latest skincare technologies. We want to provide our clients with the best services, which is why we now offer CryoCorrect. CryoCorrect utilizes a Cryo Pen, which can remove blemishes with a continuous, steady, and monitored flow of carbon dioxide.

Some of the areas it targets include:

  • Age spots
  • Skin tags
  • Sun spots

CryoCorrect can be used on your face, hands, or body to freeze off unwanted marks. Improvements are typically noticeable after only one session, though you may want more sessions to treat persistent or larger problem areas.

Talk with our Norton medical spa staff at (508) 213-4005 to learn more about CryoCorrect.

How CryoCorrect Works

CryoCorrect uses a special invention to administer a regulated stream of carbon dioxide. When this precise stream of carbon dioxide comes in contact with age spots or skin tags, it will freeze them for five to eight seconds. The Cryo Pen causes minimal discomfort, and leaves surrounding skin intact. After freezing, the affected skin will turn a dark brown color. Don’t worry, because this pigmentation will scab over within three to five days. Once the scab disappears two to three weeks later, you will be left with healthy, even skin.

Because the chemicals are specifically targeted and correctly administered, the freeze happens at a milder temperature. Traditional cryogens for freezing skin tags and age spots are often very cold and there is a risk of damage to the surrounding tissues. Many doctors still use liquid nitrogen to remove these blemishes.

Ousting Even the Most Stubborn Age Spots & Skin Tags

If you have tried chemical peels, laser treatments, injections, or skin creams, but still can’t get rid of those stubborn discolorations, CryoCorrect is for you. Talk with our doctor before scheduling your appointment so that we can ensure you are a healthy and ideal candidate.

Call (508) 213-4005 to see if CryoCorrect is the right option for you.

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